Long Over Due

Finally! The update is through and live right now in the AppStore! Version 1.2 has many upgrades. New caveman, better graphics, better animations and more LEVELS!! The iPad bug in level 7 was fixed as well.

Now 24 levels total! The Snow levels are the hardest levels yet. Battle tough conditions and build through a snow storm with Ice Blocks. The Caveman now move too, you need to trap them in the caves and build around their movement.

Good luck with the new levels and hope everyone enjoys the update.

RockSlide Free v1.1 is still being processed by the App Store. RockSlide Free will include all features of the RockSlide update except the Snow Levels. But!!!!! 3 more levels were added making it 9 levels in the Free Version.

Stay Tuned for that release date!



It has come to my attention that there is a bug when level 7 is reached only on the iPad vesion. iPhone and iPod Touch users are free and clear from this problem. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I have submitted the Update v1.1 which fixes that bug for iPad users as well as adds a few new features and graphic upgrades.

Update v1.2 is almost compete and will add 6 new levels.

Thank you for your understanding
-Franco Valdes

Back to Work

So back to Charlotte! Back to work. The vacation was not only relaxing and tons of fun but also great for my game. Ton of testing on different devices and from a different dynamic of people. Got awesome feedback and now closing on my planned release date, I am putting in the finishing touches.

I will release a Free Version including 6 of the 18 levels and a Paid version with all 18. I already have a few awesome Update ideas, which I will try to do as soon as it gets approved by apple. The paid version is only going to .99 cents just like many of the other games on the App store.

Promise to include some awesome new screen shots in my next post. And I am still working on a trailer for everyone to see on here and on YouTube.

Talk to everyone soon!


Hello Again,

So this weekend I am in Buffalo NY with my girlfriend for a family event. Tons of family (of hers) and with family comes ton of kids. With the world moving at the speed of light I noticed the amount of technology sitting at the table. I am talking everything! iPods, iPads, iPhones, Nook, Tablets, Kindles, you name it and it was on there. So I began to think, what else could make this vacation better than if I converted all these people my testers! So I quickly finished porting “RockSlide” for the iPad and got some minor things fixed and had them go for it. After a whole day of kids and adults playing my game I received a lot of great feedback. Made some improvements, changed some things, optimized a bit and got it all back in their hands. I am quickly racing to the finish line. RockSlide might be done before expected, of course counting on Apple approving it quickly.

So here is the Update…

Animation is 75% complete.
18 Levels.
1 Cool (Awesome) Feature.
iPad porting complete.
Optimizing and Finishing touches 80%.

I will take a few screen shots tomorrow and post them on here.

Till next time!