Battling in AppStore

As the days continue to come and go, sales unfortunately do not. It is tough as an indie developer to battle big companies inside the AppStore. There are too few stories of Indie devs making it big in what now holds 350,000 apps.

With that said, RockSlide is just a little lost in there. Remaining in the Games->Puzzle or Game->Arcade categories it is about 6 pages down and tough to find unless you are specifically searching for it.

Keyword search does not do much either. Typing “caveman” or “caveman game” it is 2 pages down. Typing “rocks” alone puts it 4 pages down, and typing “rock puzzle” or “caveman puzzle” same, 4 pages down.

To conclude I’ll give you some numbers to date:

Free Version – Released 7/9 – 2,534 copies downloaded
Paid Version – Released 7/5 – 98 copies sold

A 1:26 Paid to Free Ratio is not all that bad according to some reading I have done, but I guess I expected more? What are some thoughts? I would love to get some more reviews from real people playing it. Honest reviews.

On a better note, production on a new game is well under way. Trying to not disclose too much, it will be a 2D side scrolling game with tons of speed and action. More news of “game 2” coming soon!


Long Over Due

Finally! The update is through and live right now in the AppStore! Version 1.2 has many upgrades. New caveman, better graphics, better animations and more LEVELS!! The iPad bug in level 7 was fixed as well.

Now 24 levels total! The Snow levels are the hardest levels yet. Battle tough conditions and build through a snow storm with Ice Blocks. The Caveman now move too, you need to trap them in the caves and build around their movement.

Good luck with the new levels and hope everyone enjoys the update.

RockSlide Free v1.1 is still being processed by the App Store. RockSlide Free will include all features of the RockSlide update except the Snow Levels. But!!!!! 3 more levels were added making it 9 levels in the Free Version.

Stay Tuned for that release date!


It has come to my attention that there is a bug when level 7 is reached only on the iPad vesion. iPhone and iPod Touch users are free and clear from this problem. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I have submitted the Update v1.1 which fixes that bug for iPad users as well as adds a few new features and graphic upgrades.

Update v1.2 is almost compete and will add 6 new levels.

Thank you for your understanding
-Franco Valdes

It is in the AppStore!

It is in the App Store! I cannot say it enough times. All this happened super fast. It went into Review today in the morning and about 5 minutes ago I got an email, checked my Developer account and boom it was Ready for Sale.

I am so excited to see what the world will think of my game. It was quite a ride, with many ups and many more downs as I struggled to learn all of this new information and put everything together. But I am not done, I am still working on the first Update for RockSlide that I will keep everyone posted on.

But for now, go to the AppStore and download my game! =)

RockSlide is now available in the App Store!

At a stand still

So it has been a few days now since I submitted RockSlide to Apple. Its been “waiting for review” this whole time. I guess Apple is very busy reviewing other apps on cue.

As I anxiously wait I have been working on my first update for RockSlide. How I first set RockSlide in the stone age, I figured the best update would be a new setting! So the ice age levels are next. New pillars, new setting, new caveman, and new difficulties! 6 new harder and exciting levels.

As we all know with snow and ice comes less friction and ton of sliding around. In these new levels you must try your best to build in the ice age without making a big wet mess!

Suggestions are welcomed for future updates! As soon as it gets approved I promise to let everyone know.

Keep reading,

App is Submitted!

Now it is in Apple’s hands. The second it gets approved I will let everyone know!

For now, here is a quick poll.

New Banner!

Thanks to I now have an awesome Banner/Ad for RockSlide.

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