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The Day Is Here!

It is late Sunday night and I can finally say it is done.

Yes everyone, RockSlide is done. Its been a long, exhausting, but fun few months and now the real fun begins. I will submit my game to Apple tomorrow morning. The submission process takes anywhere from a couple of days to even 2 weeks! I am hoping for quicker of the to but regardless I am super excited about this next leap.

As we now wait, I will start on my first update. I already have a few awesome ideas for new levels and new features I am going to implement. Hopefully I can start updating RockSlide as soon as it gets approved and gets added to the App Store.

I will keep everything updated on this submission process!

Here are some new pictures.

Keeping Up

So I told myself to blog about every two days to keep everyone that is reading updated and involved, so here I go.

Things got really crazy after I got back from vacation. Felt like I needed an extra few hours in the day to get everything done. Finally things are slowing back down to normality.

While working in my game today I started to get nervous. I ran out of things to do in my “To Do” list and realized that this game is almost ready. Right away my perfectionist side took over. I felt like I needed better graphics, more backgrounds, better animation, better- well, everything. But I came to a painful conclusion, I am just one person, not a huge multi-million dollar company with artist and graphic gurus to get all this done. So I will be happy with what I have made up to now. I will work on a few more animations and make a Game End scene for when you gamers beat the whole game. After that, I think I am done.

I will update you guys in a few days when I finish and finally submit it to Apple to be approved!

Here are some screen shots!

Back to Work

So back to Charlotte! Back to work. The vacation was not only relaxing and tons of fun but also great for my game. Ton of testing on different devices and from a different dynamic of people. Got awesome feedback and now closing on my planned release date, I am putting in the finishing touches.

I will release a Free Version including 6 of the 18 levels and a Paid version with all 18. I already have a few awesome Update ideas, which I will try to do as soon as it gets approved by apple. The paid version is only going to .99 cents just like many of the other games on the App store.

Promise to include some awesome new screen shots in my next post. And I am still working on a trailer for everyone to see on here and on YouTube.

Talk to everyone soon!


Hello Again,

So this weekend I am in Buffalo NY with my girlfriend for a family event. Tons of family (of hers) and with family comes ton of kids. With the world moving at the speed of light I noticed the amount of technology sitting at the table. I am talking everything! iPods, iPads, iPhones, Nook, Tablets, Kindles, you name it and it was on there. So I began to think, what else could make this vacation better than if I converted all these people my testers! So I quickly finished porting “RockSlide” for the iPad and got some minor things fixed and had them go for it. After a whole day of kids and adults playing my game I received a lot of great feedback. Made some improvements, changed some things, optimized a bit and got it all back in their hands. I am quickly racing to the finish line. RockSlide might be done before expected, of course counting on Apple approving it quickly.

So here is the Update…

Animation is 75% complete.
18 Levels.
1 Cool (Awesome) Feature.
iPad porting complete.
Optimizing and Finishing touches 80%.

I will take a few screen shots tomorrow and post them on here.

Till next time!

First Blog

This is a little belated but here it is. I have been working on “RockSlide” (my first game for the iOS) for about two months now. Lot of the game logic is in place and game structure is set. As the days go by I work on new levels and graphics to try to reach my release date of July 15, 2011.

RockSlide is a mixture of awesome physics (thanks to Box2D) and tough mind boggling puzzles. Starting from level one, you begin to learn the basic building tactics to protect your most elderly of ancestors, the Caveman, from rocks tumbling down and destroying the human race.

As you protect and proceed these builds become harder and harder, having to use some brain power to complete. Here comes the puzzle, in the top right you will see a counter, tells you how many available items you have for the build. And, in the top left there is a timer, counting down the seconds until the rocks start coming down.

Think and build your way through the first 3 sections and become a RockSlide architect. The architect levels only get harder, introducing new features and possible ways to build.

Trailer and more pictures coming soon.

Quick Glance