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This is a little belated but here it is. I have been working on “RockSlide” (my first game for the iOS) for about two months now. Lot of the game logic is in place and game structure is set. As the days go by I work on new levels and graphics to try to reach my release date of July 15, 2011.

RockSlide is a mixture of awesome physics (thanks to Box2D) and tough mind boggling puzzles. Starting from level one, you begin to learn the basic building tactics to protect your most elderly of ancestors, the Caveman, from rocks tumbling down and destroying the human race.

As you protect and proceed these builds become harder and harder, having to use some brain power to complete. Here comes the puzzle, in the top right you will see a counter, tells you how many available items you have for the build. And, in the top left there is a timer, counting down the seconds until the rocks start coming down.

Think and build your way through the first 3 sections and become a RockSlide architect. The architect levels only get harder, introducing new features and possible ways to build.

Trailer and more pictures coming soon.

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Self taught programmer. I make iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps and games, some free some almost free. Check out my apps in the AppStore coming soon!

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